Revealing Insights Into Life as a Professional Coach

Follows the journeys of 20 diverse coaches, offering insights into the world of coaching from a variety of perspectives. Whether you’re considering coaching as a career or are already working as a coach, these true-life stories of victory, compassion, intelligence and survival will provide instructive inspiration.

Working Coaches Should Read This Book To..

  • Enjoy a greater appreciation and pride in your chosen career

  • Discover valuable resources to achieve success in your business

  • Find solutions to common coaching business challenges

  • Learn proven methods for building your coaching client base

  • Discover ways you can reach more people and increase profit

  • Grow your personal network of successful coaches by connecting inside

  • Gain a higher appreciation and respect for your coaching colleagues

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Coaches-In-Progress Should Read This Book To..

  • Understand more clearly what it takes to become a coach

  • Tap into important resources to get your coaching career started

  • Gain a deeper perspective on coaching as a career choice
  • Develop a greater insight into whether coaching is the right career for you
  • Get a head start by learning from coaches who have come before you
  • Be aware of the highs and lows of your coaching journey before you set out

  • Learn the brutal, honest truth about what it takes to succeed as a coach

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