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A Coach’s Story is much more than its title suggests: the experience and expertise of the many coaches who have contributed their stories to this very readable book make it a comprehensive guide to the subject. Anyone who thinks coaching might be for them, either to enhance their lives or as a profession, will find a wealth of information and approaches here.
Gerard O’Donovan has devoted his professional life to helping large numbers of people through the medium of coaching. Having directly coached many individuals himself, he has then gone on to enable others to coach and tells of his journey to achieve this aim.
“In ‘The Coaches Story’ he has assembled some of his protégés to tell their own personal stories and how they now help to diffuse the overall message; that by helping people realize their dreams and fight their demons from holding them back from achieving their true desires, they are empowered to enjoy greater happiness. In doing so, coaches not only help their clients and bring more light and awareness to the world, but help themselves in this wonderful process of facilitating self accountability.
Coaching deals with the now, not dwelling in the past, and helps clients to deliver their own special outcomes.
“Apart from some of the genuinely heart warming stories there are many practical coaching techniques explained and many resources in which to delve, prompting the reader to ask questions of themselves and seek their own coach to help guide them to fulfill their desires.
Scott Milway
When asked by new and experienced coaches to recommend a book showing not only how people became coaches but also how they laid the foundations for their business I got stumped. That is until I read Coach’s Story. Gerard not only collected a rich collection of tales from different coaches he also shared with openness, honesty and candour his own journey.
“A Coach’s Story offers a comprehensive range of personal stories that give a real insight into the variety of paths people have taken to become successful coaches. These journeys have not always been smooth or easy, throwing up many unexpected challenges. With resilience, determination and acceptance each coach’s story demonstrates both the importance of learning from failure and being grateful for life’s opportunities. Each and every coach has been been driven by a desire to improve the quality of their own lives and used this as the means to then support many more people do the same. If you share this desire then I encourage you to read A Coach’s Story.
Amechi Udo, Author of Choosing A Coaching
This is a really unique book because it’s for coaches and clients alike.
Anyone exploring a career in coaching will learn a lot about the wonderful coaches who contributed to this book in terms of how coaching not only turned their lives around, but how their careers have blossomed.
For prospective clients seeking coaching, it will give them the confidence to make that investment in themselves and hire their own coach because the return is huge. Another successful venture, well done to you all for sharing so honestly.
A Coach’s Story is a superb read and an excellent thinking tool for those considering becoming a Coach or taking their career to the next level. The introduction sets the context for this delightful book, with Gerard outlining his personal coaching vision and the revolutionary coaching world that he has worked within for many years. The simple and well laid out sections are thought provoking, interesting and provide inspiration when reading about the experiences and journeys of successful Coaches. I see this book as a priority text for any coaching course and feel enlightened and privileged to have read it. I recommend you buy it as soon as you can – as a gift to yourself!
Yasmin Mukadam, Life Coach
It’s true – we all love stories. Especially stories about people we admire – from the stories of their life, loves and development we gain a greater understanding about them, and that makes us think about ourselves and our place in the world.
“Gerard has put together a wonderful story book – stories about Coaches.
Their ups and downs and how they got to be where they are and each contributing coach tells their own story about their own personal journey.
Stories are a wonderful way to illustrate a point. The difference here is that these stories are true. It takes a brutal honesty to tell about the failure as well as the success, the pain as well as the joy and the bad as well as the good. Gerard and the contributors give you clarity and brutal
honesty, characteristics that make a good coach.
“From each of these stories we can draw inspiration, education and see and feel the various surfaces others have passed over. The road to success is sometimes hard, sometimes painful and sometimes joyful – just as each of us have found it. We are all different and we each have different stories to tell. What we can all draw from this is the inspiration to go for our goals – to see how others took the action that that was needed. Take inspiration from these stories.
“While you travel on your journey through life, as you develop, immerse yourself in this little book of other Coach’s journeys to educate, inspire and encourage you to become whatever you want to be.
“I cannot think of a better companion on the journey of life.
Gordon Piggott

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